iOS 7 Jailbreak: Awesome New iOS 7 Tweaks You Can’t Miss (+Photos & Video)

By Cody Scholberg, Epoch Times
February 20, 2014 Updated: February 21, 2014

Our tradition here at Epoch Times is to provide you jailbreak tweaks that work on all iOS devices (including ARM-64 devices like the iPhone 5S, iPad Air, and iPad Mini Retina) which are 100% bug-free (as far as we can tell) and add useful functionality to your iPhone or iPad. Here are some more that you can’t miss:


Photo Organizer 7

This is a fantastic tweak. It adds a lot of functionality to the Photos app which, frankly, should have been included in the first place. Ever notice how you can only delete photos taken with your iDevice from your Photos app – meaning – if the photo got onto your iDevice because of an iTunes sync, you can’t delete it on your iDevice (you have to remove it from iTunes and then re-sync the device)? Well, now you can.

You can also:

– select all photos in an album with the “Select All” button

– reorder the photos in your Camera Roll

– reorder your albums

– rename the Camera Roll

– sort photos by name, file size, or date taken

– two-finger select a whole range of photos rather than clicking on them one at a time

– move photos out of the Camera Roll into other albums on your iDevice without deleting the photo

This app will cost you $1.99, unless you own the previous “Photo Organizer,” in which case the upgrade to Photo Organizer 7 is $0.99.

This app isn’t “cool” per se, but it adds a lot of functionality to the Photos app and deserves a spot on our “Must-Have” list. Screenshots are below:


Displaying photo 1.PNG Displaying photo 2.PNG


This tweak amplifies the volume during calls by up to 200% – and it actually works. Don’t waste your time with any other volume boosting tweak – this is the only one we’ve confirmed that works. It doesn’t work in other applications like the Music app, but that’s because the volume in those apps is already sufficient for most people. VolumeAmplifier is most useful for people who are hard of hearing or who use speakerphone in noisy places – like while driving a car. This app is available on Cydia for $1.99. A screenshot is below.

Displaying photo 3.PNG



This tweak is minor but useful if you use the Voice Recording app that comes stock on iDevices. Recordings, by default, are only shareable through email or message, but ShareMemos gives you an “open in…” option where you can send the files via other apps like Dropbox, WhatsApp, etc. It makes it easier to get your recordings off of the device. See screenshot below.

Displaying photo 4.PNG

Snapchat Log

This tweak is only a “must-have” if you are a Snapchat user. If you are, then you will love this app. In the default Snapchat app, if you screenshot a picture that somebody sent you, it will alert the sender that you did so. This app fixes this problem – and then some. This keeps a complete record of everything that has ever been Snapchatted to you so that you can look at it again later. It’s fairly simple and straightforward. This tweak has a free license that you can obtain by following the developer on Twitter, but it’s deceptive. A free license doesn’t actually allow you to use the app, if you want to use it, you have to purchase a paid license for $2.99. Despite this “bait and switch” tactic the developer uses to lure people into downloading his app, if you want to pay $2.99 for the app, it does what it intends to do.



This is a most creative tweak which is highly functional. Ever had to call a phone number only to find yourself switching back and forth between the Internet and the Phone app? Or maybe you want to type in a long URL that for some reason won’t let you select it (so you can copy it), so you resort to switching back and forth to make sure you typed it in right. Snapper solves this. It lets you take a screenshot of a selected portion of the screen (which you draw with your fingers) and then keeps the selected area on top of any other app you switch to afterwards – like a second window. See the screenshot below (I snipped the part about the FREE from Snapchat Log’s Cydia Description and then went into the Snapchat Log App):

Displaying photo 5.PNG


SwipeSelection Pro

This tweak makes typing much, much easier on your iOS device. It’s kind of hard to explain in words, so we’ve included a video for you to watch below:


PasswordPilotModoki (iOS 7) version 0.1-7

Get tired of typing in your Apple ID password every time you try to do anything like download an app from the appstore? PasswordPilotModoki (iOS 7) version 0.1-7 will automatically fill in your password for you.  This tweak is free, but be careful not to download the newer version. The new version will install just fine, but it doesn’t actually fill your passwords in; it doesn’t work. Version 0.1-7, though, does work. See screenshot below:

Displaying photo.PNG



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