Wonderful Ways Animals Coexist With Each Other and Humans

April 29, 2019 Updated: April 29, 2019

The strange and surprising relationships developed between humans and animals coexisting in the wild and domesticated environments makes for some surprising moments. The two-minute video features some surprising things that animals do for each other, as well as the humans they live with.

Just as in the start of this video, a farmer from Viale, Entre Rios, Argentina lifted a tractor when he noticed a bird was protecting something.

He was working his field when he noticed a bird that did not want to move. As he was sowing his field, he looked down to see the bird who would not budge from one specific spot, according to ViralHog.

“I checked (to see) that she was protecting her nest,” the farmer said. “I had to raise the machine to not harm it and decided to film the scene from her point of view.”

Further along in the video, an incredible moment occurs in the busy plaza of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

In another sweet moment of the video, an elderly man with a cane and his faithful dog are out on a walk together. As the man takes slow steps forward, the dog patiently waits and walks forward just enough to keep pace with his owner.

A man witnessed a dog and his owner with an incredible bond during a festival, GDLuz, in the public square of Guadalajara Plaza tapatia. The dog pushes the wheelchair of a young man through the busy plaza. The man stopped to speak with the boy using a wheelchair.

The boy, Owen, said the dog’s name was Leo and was being trained by Owen’s uncle to help him get around.

Is it an egg or a dog? These are the questions asked when watching near the end of the video.

In another sweet moment of the video, a dog groomer named Andrea in Singapore has an especially “zen” moment with a Pomeranian named PomPom. While Andrea trims PomPom, the dog remains still, looking at the camera with their ears down, giving PomPom a rather round look. The video has made the rounds on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms with users admiring the especially cute new hairdo of PomPom.

See more positive interactions of animals with other animals and humans throughout the video.