Awesome Alarm App Turns Off Only by Taking a Selfie

May 7, 2015 Updated: May 7, 2015

Rarely do you come across an app that’s as creative and fun as it is sinister, but such is the case with Snap Me Up, a new Android offering by app developer Dehun.

Snap Me Up is a beautifully designed alarm app the likes of which you’ve never seen before — the only way to stop it from blaring is to snap a selfie.

As a result, not only will you get to work or class on time each day, but you’ll also end up with a hilarious collection of photos showing yourself moments after you wake up each morning.

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The app’s full description can be found below along with a download link.

Have you ever wondered how do you look when you wake up?
Snap Me Up allows you to set alarms in an easy and elegant way,
that have to be turned off taking a picture of your face.
Just watch the camera, turn on the lights, open your eyes and snap!
Yours pictures will be saved into an album called: “My sleepy snaps”, where you can watch
or share them.
The alarm will not be dismissed until your face is detected on camera and you take a photo of it,
so smile and welcome a new day!
You can also set a timer!
This could be really useful for example to take a quick nap or to take off your cake from the
oven in time.
There is also another awakening method that will wake you up with a different image every day, the picture will be taken from your gallery at random.
What are you waiting for, wake up with a snap!

Download Snap Me Up

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