Avid Hunter Gets Both Feet, 9 Fingers Amputated After Going Into Septic Shock

February 7, 2018 Updated: February 7, 2018

An avid hunter in Texas has gotten both feet and nine of his fingers amputated after going into septic shock following a battle with pneumonia.

Brian Herndon had a low-grade fever on Jan. 3. The next day, when it was running higher, his wife Jaye Herndon rushed him to the hospital, where he received a pneumonia diagnosis.

The next day, pneumonia had combined with the flu and led to the Fort Worth man going into septic shock.

Herndon developed a condition called¬†intravascular coagulopathy, which causes blood clots to form¬†throughout the body’s small blood vessels, according to the National Institute of Health. “These blood clots can reduce or block blood flow through the blood vessels, which can damage the body’s organs,” it stated.

Two weeks later, doctors at Baylor University Medical Center had to remove both of Herndon’s feet and nine of his fingers, reported the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The family is already looking forward and determined to have Herndon experience life as fully as possible, especially his love of hunting.

“We’ll need some prosthetic fingers to aid with shooting,” Jaye told the outlet. “But eventually those will all be things that he is able to enjoy again. He’s a man of faith, and we’re all just trusting God to carry him through and bring us to that new normal.”

According to the family’s GoFundMe page, Brian will also need prosthetics for both legs.

“While this is a challenging complication, we can do this together,” his wife wrote. “Our amount needed is rapidly growing but your help makes a huge difference. Every dollar will help show love to an amazing man! Funds will be used for prosthetics and his medical care. Thank you!!”

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