Avengers 2 ‘Age of Ultron’ May have the ‘Best Bad Guy Plot’ in a Script, Says Robert Downey Jr

Avengers: Age of Ultron has the “best bad guy plot I’ve ever read in a script, let alone gone out and shot,” said Robert Downey Jr, who plays Tony Stark.

In an interview with IO9, he said the stakes are high in the film.

“These are about as high as they’ve been. But the nice thing in Age of Ultron, what Joss Whedon has done exceptionally well — I’ve never really seen it done like this before — [is that this movie] really is a Swiss Watch of character and action and stakes,” he said.

Downey remained mum on his character, Tony Stark / Iron Man, and his relationship with the Vision.

He said, “All I can think about is Paul Bettany. I could go out to dinner every night with Paul Bettany for the rest of my life. He is the most charming, funny, cool guy in the world. And his relationship to Vision, I can’t really disclose too much. But I want to say that the way that Vision occurs is absolutely astonishing. And what I saw, because I was in close proximity to Bettany, everybody feels like they have a sense of him from playing JARVIS, and Vision isn’t JARVIS. When you see what Bettany does with Vision, I think you’re going to really dig it.”

Chris Evans also spoke about Captain America’s role.

“Well he’s a tough character to play. He’s what you would hope to be as a man. He’s the kind of guy that you kind of aspire to be. Luckily Joss and the Russos and Marvel always try and give him challenges so he doesn’t end up just being vanilla,” Evans said.

According to report from SlashFilm this week, viewers shouldn’t expect to see Thanos in “Ultron.”

“He’s not a part of Avengers 2. I think Thanos does what he wants, and shows up where he wants to, and I’m not going to tell him otherwise. You don’t know exactly; smirking at the end of Avengers. By the way, we’re still making Avengers 2, so nothing’s definitive one way or the other, actually,” Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, told the website.