Avengers 2 Age of Ultron: Six Ridonculous Crew Jobs Available

By Kristina Skorbach, Epoch Times

Foam Technician

A foam technician is not one who makes bubbles, unfortunately, but he’s responsible for everything from welding, and rigging, and plastic fabrication, to foam carving, and fabric construction. Gilles Paillet might have to mix paints and paint stage scenery using stenciling, dry brushing, marbling, pouncing, and a whole other range of techniques required to make the Avengers set seem realistic.

Vault Operator (Editorial Department)

What if they keep scripts in a secret vault that can only be accessed with retina scans at unreasonable hours of the day? This could potentially be the coolest job title in the industry, though not entirely sure if it involves a physical vault or is code name for a file folder.

Outworker: Leather and Gloves

With all those detailed leather suits, it’s no wonder the Avengers crew requires someone to dedicate all their time to crafting the best of leather outfits and gloves for the Marvel superheroes. Rachel Freire will work in the costuming department to create all the slick Avenger costumes. (Obviously main man Robert Downey Jr. will be pampered the most. He will have his personal assistant, a driver, and a personal costumer by the name of Peter White.)

Fire Safety Officer

There’s no playing around with fire, especially when you have an action packed film like the Avengers. Rob Townsend will make sure that everyone on the film set follows fire regulation codes. But fire is not the only hazard on the Avengers set, that’s why Barry May-Leybourne will be advising the stars to get more sleep, or how to avoid sharp objects, or he might be like an on-site paramedic. Maybe… but with all those stunt doubles (52 people in the stunts department to be exact), it’s no wonder they need more than one person to keep a close eye on safety.

Motorcycle Builder

Justin Kell will probably have the most exciting/innovative job of all. Building motorcycles might even be better than actually riding them. Well, for some. Anyway, Kell will probably be testing them out after. Or perhaps even keep a motorcycle after the shoot… if it’s still intact.


We’ve all heard of speech coaches who typically work with stars from across the pond to help them acquire an American accent or the other way around. But when you have to work with stars that don’t speak English all that well, you bring in the translators. James Boss is hired to translate for the Korean star Soo-hyun or (Soo-hyun Kim) who plays Soo-hyun Kim in the film.

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