Aussie Tourists Encounter Terrifying Elephant Stampede in Kruger National Park

May 4, 2019 Updated: May 4, 2019

It is a truly terrifying moment caught on tape at the Kruger National Park in Northeastern Africa for a group of Australia tourists.

While on a safari, the car the tourists are traveling in comes to a stop in thick brush. Suddenly, and with little warning, a large elephant comes charging at the car from the side as visitors sit helplessly on board. At the last second, the elephant slows and veers off course, just missing the tourists left sitting shaken in the car.

Not a moment later, dozens of elephants suddenly come into the camera’s view and sprint past the front of the car. Everyone is in shock, as are viewers when they watch the video for the first time. The elephants are stampeding past, making loud noises with their trunks as they flash their white tusks.

The safari guide warns the tourists to remain silent to avoid provoking an attack. In the background, you can hear them commenting in whispers about how scared and terrified they are. Viewers watching from the safety of their homes can share that sentiment. This is a wild, terrifying video you just must watch for yourself.

Credit: Newsflare