Attorney Gao Zhisheng Defends Home Church Members

November 14, 2005 Updated: November 14, 2005

Dear Attorney Gao Zhisheng, Dr. Fan Yafeng, Dr. Teng Biao, Attorney Zhang Xingshui, Attorney Jin Xiaoguang, Professor Wang Yi, Dr. Xu Zhiyong, and Mr. Cheng Yongmiao,

Greetings to you all.

It has been more than four months since we saw you at the trial of brother Cai Zhuohua and his three family members. Your great character and fearless courage still inspire many of us here. We believe Mr. Cai Zhuohua, his wife and family, despite their incarceration are also thinking about all of you with gratitude. They have been imprisoned for one year and two months. We wish that the benevolent and just Lord, the Lord that created the world, will remember your gift, bless your work and bring peace to your families and protect you from the evil that wishes to harm you. Our sincere prayers will accompany all of you in every moment of your lives.

We truly understand how dark and evil this society can be. Though we cannot often visit you, because of ours and your busy work schedules, we will never stop caring about your safety and happiness. From the internet, we learned that you suffered a demon's threats, unbearable pressure and even damage for your good deeds. Many of our brothers and sisters were in tears for your suffering, and we all kneel down to our Lord to pray for you. We were shocked and angry when learning that Attorney Gao Zhisheng was forced to close his legal practice because he helped people fighting for their rights. Mr. Gao's assistant, Mr. Guo Xiongfei, was imprisoned in Guangdong province, Dr. Xu Zhiyong was publicly tortured in Qilin City of Shandong province. The pressure you are suffering, the misery that Brother Cai Zhuohua and his family are enduring behind bars, and the persecution against belief and conscience suffered by many other Chinese people are a continuous witness of the drawn out fall of our nation.

We truly believe the Lord's compassion will never stop; His justice will never change. We do not curse those in power for their evil deeds; rather we are in pain for their muddled souls, because they are of our blood also. We wish the Lord's mercy on them to heal their hearts deceived by Satan. Our hope is that He will open their eyes and stop them from going down the evil path.

The Lord said, “And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward (Matthew 10:42). You broke through many difficulties and barriers to defend Brother Cai Zhuohua and his family at the risk of you personal interests and safety. We will remember your courage in our hearts. More and more Christians in China will support and show you gratitude, more and more brothers and sisters will care about your circumstances.

We will never forget you. Chinese churches will never forget you. Our brothers and sisters all over the world will never forget you, and our Lord will never forget you.

At this difficult time, we, with more than 600 members of the Poshang Village family church and tens of millions of other Chinese family church members are your firm supporters.

We hereby sincerely thank you once again and wish you peace, happiness and good fortune.

The Lord be with you.

Poshang Village Family Church in Beijing

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