Assault on the Freedoms of the USA

By The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
June 23, 2021 Updated: June 23, 2021

It used to be that the average citizen went to work each day, and it was hard work. This hard work was fueled by the need to provide housing, food, medical, and recreation. But it was also fueled by pride and refusing a handout and standing on one’s own two feet. What happened to that pride, self-respect, and wanting to be independent? This reminds me of the following story:

Two young children were playing together. They had separate parents and lived apart. One parent told the young child that if he cleaned up the backyard, he could earn $10.00 and could buy the airplane model that he wanted. He agreed, and this is how he purchased the “wants” that each child has.

The other child had more progressive parents. This child said he would like to buy a similar model airplane. His parents said they would start giving him an allowance so he/she could save up and buy it. This continued through the years. Certainly, this would build the ability to budget and be positive.

Each parent had their own way to allow their child to get what he/she wants. As the children grew, this early experience influenced both of them. One wanted to earn what was wanted; the other saw it as an entitlement to be given.

Unfortunately, this story is applicable to us all. Democrats want to be in charge of giving you money through programs that they can control. Republicans really believe in the free enterprise system. You want it, OK, then earn it; there are no free lunches. It also reminds me of politicians who spend money they don’t have to earn, just spend!

WARNING: If you are of the mind that the government will take care of itself and you only need to take care of yourself, big mistake. At the rate that the Democrats are revamping our systems of freedom, rights, and aspirations, there will soon be nothing left. An old saying is so apropos here: You Snooze, You Lose! If you are a snoozer, you will be a loser. Stand up and be proud and expect the same for your neighbors. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF!

Richard Lucia

North Carolina

The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn