Asian Ecommerce Booming: Niches Taking Off

February 9, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Ecommerce is one of the biggest industries across the globe for a variety of different reasons. First, going to a store doesn’t guarantee that the consumer will find the exact product that they are looking for especially if it is a very rare or niche based product. Ecommerce sites eliminate the hassle of going out to find a product that might not even be available and purchasing takes a couple clicks or swipes on a smartphone and the consumer has the desired product in their hands generally in less than a week.

Ecommerce Software

When an industry is booming then tools that help set up that industry are a very valuable commodity. Shopline offers easy solutions to setting up online stores and have recently come into some money. During their recent funding round, they raised over a million dollars with some big names included in the investors. Shopline can be compared to Shopify which is valued at over a billion dollars. Shopline makes their revenue off of a subscription model that is renewed monthly. Shopline is made specifically for Taiwan and Hong Kong and this by no means is a small market. Just in 2013, the ecommerce industry had revenue that were over $25 billion and this is only growing. Shopline is a niche company that can only expand in an ever expanding Asian ecommerce market.

Fashion and Cosmetic Sites

Both men and women alike shop for different things when it comes to shopping online. Buying clothes or shoes whether it be a dress or a suit becomes necessary when a person is extremely busy and doesn’t have time to go out shopping. Cosmetics are interesting as there are so many and different shades of everything that one store might not have them. Online you can browse the inventory of the entire warehouse and if you cannot find a certain cosmetic online, the odds are you will not find it at all! Many times ecommerce sites have discounts and coupons that one could not find in a store so it can save energy and money to shop online.

Large Platforms

Asia is set to surpass North America as the largest consumer when it comes to ecommerce in the world. This is for several different reasons, the ecommerce Alibaba is one of the biggest reasons. There is a rising independence of women in Asia and they are becoming more economically powerful. Coupled with a giant interest in online shopping, the women in Asia are generating more money than ever in the ecommerce industry. India is also taking to the larger platforms and with a large population like that of India, money is flowing to these ecommerce companies.

As one can see, there are many different reasons that the Asian ecommerce industry is booming. No one reason is more important that another but combined it has created a feeding frenzy for ecommerce companies.