Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Are Pregnant

By Chika Dunu, Epoch Times
June 16, 2016 Updated: June 16, 2016

Congratulations are in order for Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis—they are expecting baby No. 2, as confirmed by Entertainment Tonight.

Kutcher and Kunis are already the parents to daughter, Wyatt Isabelle, who they welcomed in October 2014.

The former “That 70’s Show” cast mates began dating in 2012 and subsequently married in a private ceremony 3 years later at the Parrish Pioneer Ranch in Oak Glen, Calif.

Kutcher referred to the birth of Wyatt Isabelle as “the greatest thing on earth” in a 2014 interview on “Conan.”

“We’re really privileged that we have time and can afford to take time. We don’t have a nanny or a night nurse or anything. It’s just the two of us,” said the actor/tech investor. “It’s unbelievable. It’s the greatest thing on earth. As soon as this child was born I immediately wanted to call my parents and just apologize because I never knew how much they loved me.”

He added, “I have a personal ‘I want to be a hero’ ego thing. It fulfills all of that. Staying home for the first couple weeks, I’ve learned the little things that will calm the baby down. So, I feel like I’m a baby whisperer now. I like to give the baby to my friends and let it cry for a second and be like, ‘Let me just take this.’ Any sort of hero fantasy I have is completely satiated.” 

The 32-year-old actress gushed about Kutcher in an interview with the UK Telegraph the following year.

“My husband is an incredibly hands-on dad. When my child was born, I was breast-feeding and he said, ‘That’s your connection, I want to change every diaper,'” she said. “When we’re in public, if it’s a pee-pee diaper you can change her at the table, but if it’s a poo-poo diaper you don’t want to affect the people eating. So he’s like, ‘Err, I guess I’m going to the ladies’ room to do it.'”