Woman Speaks Out After Getting $0 Tip on $187 Bill

Woman Speaks Out After Getting $0 Tip on $187 Bill
Epoch Newsroom

A mom made a viral post on why it’s necessary to tip the waitstaff.

Taylar Cordova, a server, posted a photo on Facebook, saying that she got exactly $0 on a $187 order. She said in the post that she and her daughter depend on tips to survive, describing the move as “lowest of the low.”

“This is the reason I work so much. This is why I cry in the shower. I STRUGGLE to put clothes on my daughter’s back and food in our bellies because of THIS,” she wrote, according to reports.

“Whenever you feel like it’s probably fine to not tip your server, that’s one more bill stacking up because they’re short on money. This is food for the week that our families will go without because you didn’t think it was necessary, even after asking for everything under the sun and receiving it free of charge, mind you.”

U.S. law allows employees who get tips to receive just $2.13 per hour, although that depends on the state.

“Next time you don’t want to tip, regardless of the situation prior to receiving your bill, think about how much you would have to work that week off $2-5/hr to feed your family, not just you,” Cordova added. “Could you pay your bills based on that pay alone? Could you feed your family AND yourself? Because that’s what happens when you choose to not tip.”

Then, she offered some advice.

“Don’t even bother walking into a restaurant if you can’t afford to tip,” she added. “There’s a McDonald’s down the street if you’re that cheap.”

Cordova said she works as a takeout server at PF Chang’s.