What You Should Know About Facebook’s Searchable Public Posts

Facebook has always been a network primarily focused on the posts and information shared within a (relatively) tight community of individuals
What You Should Know About Facebook’s Searchable Public Posts

Everything marked as “Public” when making a status update or sharing something from elsewhere will have the potential to appear here. This includes posts that you make yourself.

How to Opt Out of Public Searches

If you find that this kind of feature disturbs your sense of privacy, you can prevent it by clicking the privacy settings’ drop-down menu and choosing the “Friends” option as I depict below.


There’s also an easy way to do this to all of your previous posts! Just click the privacy icon (the lock on the top-right corner), and click “See more settings.” Once in there, find “Limit past posts,” and click on that link.


This option will automatically limit every post you have ever made and marked as “Public” to “Friends.” It’s the easiest way possible to ensure that your previous posts will not appear on public searches. Just remember to mark the rest of the posts you make as visible to friends.

What do you think of Facebook’s move to make public posts searchable? Do you feel that it was a worthwhile investment of their time and effort? Tell us in a comment!

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