WATCH: Video Shows Big Mac Resisting 2000°F Molten Copper

Petr Svab

Video showing McDonald’s Big Mac being covered in molten copper went viral, dividing people over what it actually shows.

YouTube user Tito4re, who specializes in covering various objects in copper heated up to 2000°F, poured some of the liquefied metal on the burger’s bun and the rest on the patty. In both cases the metal slid right off the surface, prompting some commenters to doubt the edibility of the Big Mac’s ingredients.

“Observe... ”TEFLON BIG-MAC“ Murder-Burger,” Nimajneb Sumeg commented on an article about the video on Facebook.

Other commenters pointed out the copper slides off because of the “Leidenfrost effect.” That would mean that the moisture in the bun and the patty creates vapor when in contact with the molten metal. The vapor then temporarily insulates the surfaces and make the copper slide off.

If that is the case, even a hamburger made from organic beef, organic vegetables, organic mayo, on an organic bun would react similarly.

Ironically, while one commenter tried to find common ground in seeking consensus on how healthy the item is, others simply wrote that the video inflamed their appetite for the burger.