Vote Irregularities in Pennsylvania and Georgia: Data Expert

NTD Television

Data expert Justin Hart, who worked for Mitt Romney in 2012, says vote tabulation data in key states have anomalies—with significant swings toward Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The findings would overturn 3 states, he says.

He based his analysis on real-time election-day entries from the New York Times.

In a tweet, Hart shows 25 data dumps in Pennsylvania where Trump lost votes from the feeds.

He points out that Trump lost 97,676 votes while Biden gained over 160,000 votes.

Hart also discusses anomalies in Georgia. He wrote on Twitter, “At 1:34 a.m. Biden gets a dump with earning 82.4 [percent] of those votes cutting Trump’s lead in half. Then, like Michigan and Wisconsin—the tallies stop coming in.” Hart goes on to say that “Things resume and over the next days Trump has thousands of votes ‘removed’ taken away.”

In Wisconsin, Hart said 64,000 people who voted for Biden didn’t vote down-ballot.

Hart said he has no idea if fraud was involved—but says he’s most concerned with the lack of transparency in the entire voting process.

In a recent interview with Just The News, Hart said the real evidence is in the pure volume. He points to big batches that were 96 percent for Biden, saying it’s unclear where they came from.

Hart’s analysis is based on the percentage change rather than raw vote numbers.

Secretaries of state in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia have denied allegations of voter fraud or irregularities that would change the outcome of the election.