Videos of the Day: Trump Says Wants Immigrants But Must Come in Legally

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President Donald Trump said on Nov. 4 that the final sprint before the midterm elections reminded him of the days before his 2016 win.

President Donald Trump said on Nov. 4 that the final sprint before the midterm elections reminded him of the days before his 2016 win.

Trump told a rally crowd in Macon, Georgia, that there was "electricity in the air like I haven't seen since '16".

He also said he has had to send U.S. troops to the southern border because the central American countries had failed to stop the caravans of migrants trying to make their way to the United States.

"We pay these countries hundreds of millions of dollars," the President said, "and they do nothing." He said that he wants to cut U.S. aid to Central America "very soon."

According to Trump, last year alone, ICE officers arrested more than 170,000 illegal immigrants who had some sort of criminal record either in the United States or in their home country. Of these, 48,000 were charged or convicted for assault, 12,000 for sex crimes, and 1,800 for murder.

The President said that although the United States welcomes immigrants, they must do it through legal means.

The President also commented on Iran, saying the country was very "different" since the U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

US Army Troops Lay Down Barbed Wire Along Texas Border Ahead of Caravan

U.S. Army engineers are building barbed-wire fencing and a facility to house U.S. Customs and Border Protection personnel and other officials along the U.S.–Mexico border in Texas, to deal with the caravan of several thousand migrants from Central America that are headed toward the United States.

The Associated Press and Getty Images published photos and video footage of Army personnel setting up walls and installing the barbed wire over the weekend. The encampment is located at the U.S. port of entry in Donna, Texas, about 20 miles from McAllen.

On Nov. 4, a representative for the Pentagon said that the Department of Defense hasn’t received a request to build facilities to house migrants, AP reported.

The group of migrants, currently in Mexico, is intent on reaching and entering the United States.

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Senate Panel Issues Report That Exonerates Kavanaugh of All Allegations

The Senate Judiciary Committee issued a report on Nov. 3 summarizing its investigation of allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The report concludes that there is no evidence to support the claims made by Kavanaugh's accusers.

The committee instead found evidence that one accuser fabricated her accusation, while another accuser conspired with her attorney to make false claims. Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) referred those involved for criminal investigation.

Investigators also found evidence of potential witness tampering and violations of Senate rules. The committee's review of these issues is ongoing, according to the report.

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With Sanctions Snapping In, Trump’s Iran Gambit Switches to Overdrive

Iran hasn’t been feeling well lately. Its currency has crashed, much of foreign capital and businesses have fled, many domestic businesses are going bankrupt, and ordinary Iranians have trouble putting food on their table. And it’s about to get worse.

On Nov. 5, the United States imposes sanctions on the Iranian shipping and shipbuilding industries, and transactions with its central and other banks. Over 600 individuals and companies in Iran will face financial sanctions. Most significantly, the sanctions target the energy sector—most of Iran’s export revenue stems from oil.

“This will be the toughest sanctions regime ever imposed on Iran,” the White House stated on Nov. 2.

“The United States has launched a campaign of economic pressure to deny the regime the funds it needs to advance its bloody agenda,” President Donald Trump said in the statement.

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