Videos of the Day: Trump Celebrates Economic Success, Warns Against Democrats' 'Wrecking Ball'

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President Donald Trump told supporters in Montana on Nov. 3, that "America now has the best economy in the history of our country," and claimed Democrats will take the wrecking ball to the economy.

President Donald Trump said ‘’You know they're lousy politicians and they have lousy policy but they stick together. One thing I'll say, they stick together. They really do, the Democrats. It doesn't matter what, even a hoax like they tried to pull off with Judge Kavanaugh. They stick together ... or the Russian hoax with the election. They use that as an excuse because Hillary Clinton lost. Next time they'll learn. You got to go and you got to campaign in Wisconsin. You got to campaign harder in Pennsylvania. You got to campaign in Michigan. You got to campaign harder in North Carolina. You know? Not Russia.’’

Second Kavanaugh Accuser Referred to DOJ After Admitting She Lied

A woman who claimed she was raped by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh later recanted her claim and admitted she lied.

President Trump on Saturday tweeted that “Can you imagine if he didn’t become a Justice of the Supreme Court because of her disgusting False Statements.‘Where are the Dems on this?’

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Third Migrant Caravan Crosses Into Mexico Without Opposition

Three caravans of migrants stretched out over 300 miles in Mexico, are all headed to the United States after the third entered Mexico on Nov. 2.

The caravan members illegally crossed the Suchiate River from Guatemala after Mexican authorities said people using the regular crossing, a bridge between the countries, would have to show passports and visas as is typical when entering a new country.

Federal police officers were on the riverbanks but did not try to stop the migrants, reported The Associated Press.

Unlike the first two caravans, most of the estimated 2,000 migrants in the third caravan are from El Salvador.

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Giant Machine Creatures Delight Spectators as They Roam Central Toulouse

French street theatre group "La Machine" introduced its latest feat.

The behemoths Ariane the spider and Asterion the Minotaur took two years to build.

The machines are controlled by dozens of operators who meticulously move the body parts.

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