Videos of the Day: Migrants Breach Border Fence, Throw Rocks

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials closed a portion of the southern border with Mexico on Sunday, Nov. 25.

They fired tear gas at a group of migrants who attempted to rush across the bridge before trying to breach a fence separating the two nations.

The road and pedestrian bridge point at the San Ysidro port of entry was shut down, according to the Border Patrol.

The port connects Tijuana, Mexico, and San Diego, California.

Migrants broke through the fence and were repelled with pepper spray and smoke pellets, while adding that migrants are trying to get into any gap possible in the border fence.

Some migrants could be seen throwing rocks, ostensibly at Border Patrol agents.

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Hundreds of Flights Canceled as Midwest Braces for Snowstorm

A winter storm blanketed much of the central Midwest with snow on Sunday, Nov. 25, at the end of the Thanksgiving weekend, bringing blizzard-like conditions that grounded hundreds of flights and forced the closure of major highways on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

With much of the central plains and Great Lakes region under blizzard or winter storm warnings, roughly 600 flights headed to or from the United States had been canceled Sunday.

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Spectacular Christmas Lights Display Opens

Cities across the country are getting into the holiday spirit ...

Putting up light displays like this one in Sugar Land, Texas.

The annual light show at Constellation Field also doubles as a carnival, complete with rides for visitors.

This year, thousands of new lights were added to the ballpark.

Mexico Museum Reveals Priceless Collection of Ancient Jade Artifacts

A new exhibit at Mexico City's famed Templo Mayor ruins titled Rocks of Fire And War explores the gemstone jade and turquoise jewelry in Mexico's ancient civilizations.

The impressive pieces date back to pre-Hispanic times from cultures like the Mexicas an Aztecs and ancient cities like Tenochtitlan, Tlacopan, and Texcoco.

The priceless jewelry provides insights into the religious beliefs of ancient Mexico, with some of the pieces believed to be offerings and depictions of gods.

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