Video Shows Hulton Bridge Being Demolished in Pennsylvania

Video Shows Hulton Bridge Being Demolished in Pennsylvania
Epoch Newsroom

The Hulton Bridge in Pittsburgh was imploded on Tuesday morning.

The 107-year-old bridge, which connected Freeport Road to Oakmont, was demolished around 10 a.m.

It took 150 pounds of dynamite and 51 charges to take the bridge down, reported CBS. Another report said the bridge was blown off its piers by more than 500 precisely placed explosives.

Several roads were closed in the area, including Route 28, but most have re-opened. 

The demolition was part of the final phase of the $66 million project to build a new bridge, reported The Tribune-Review

“It looks like somebody literally took it off the piers and sat it in the river,” said Dan Cessna, PennDOT District 11 executive. “From (the route 28 viewing area), it looks like a successful drop.”

The implosion attracted some other bystanders.

“It was a little shaky, it was starting to rust. It’s time to go, time for a new one. They did a real nice job on the new one. It will probably be there for 100 years, so it’s good, progress,” Paul Roth said.