Vets Race to Save Emaciated Puppy From Death


A Boston Terrier approximately three to four months old was left for dead in Pennsylvania recently.

The Speranza Animal Rescue (SAR) staff picked up the puppy on July 4 in Lancaster, and handed it to the Dillsburg Vetinary Center early July 5.

Libre was found emaciated, dehydrated, barely breathing, and “clinging to life,” according to a Facebook post.

Libre’s flesh was rotten and infected.

“Libre was transferred to our care this am. We are treating his wounds/infection with strong antibiotics, IV fluids, pain medication and Therapy Laser. We continue to flush maggots from his wounds as this is a timely process,” the Dillsburg Vetinary Center wrote on its Facebook page.

“Dr. Pryor was able to feed him some wet food..he actually gobbled it down quickly and then lifted his little head up on his own!!!Although he is still in very critical condition, he is a fighter and is being lifted up with all your prayer.”

Although Libre is listed in critical condition, he continues to make progress each and every day, “showing tiny signs of improvement,” the vet center said on Facebook. Vets are treating Libre, who was the victim of severe animal abuse and neglect with “the best medical care possible.”

Janine, owner of SAR, will determine Libre’s care after he is released from the vet, which might take several weeks.

According to SAR, an investigation is pending regarding Libre’s condition.

To donate to Libre’s medical account, call the Dillsburg Veterinary Center’s office at 717-432-7031 or visit