Uvalde School Police Chief Put on Leave; ‘Torso Killer’ Charged in Killing at New York Mall | NTD Daybreak

Evelyn Li

Uvalde School Police Chief and on-scene commander during the Texas school shooting is placed on Administrative Leave. He is facing increasing criticism for delaying to take action.

A cold case from 50 years ago is finally closed. The infamous New York "Torso Killer" has been charged.

A helicopter used for tourism flights in West Virginia crashed onto a highway on Wednesday. All six people on board were killed.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Six Killed in Helicopter Crash in West Virginia: Report 2. Uvalde Police Commander Put on Leave 3. McConnell Defends Gun Control Bill 4. Texas Seller Explains E-Commerce of Ghost Gun Industry 5. ’Torso Killer’ Charged in Killing at New York Mall 6. Mexican Official: U.S. to Offer 300,000 Work Visas 7. Maradona's Medical Personnel to Face Homicide Trial 8. Lithuania Braced for Russian Power Shutoff 9. Dutch Farmers Protest Plans to Cut Emissions 10. Turf War: Las Vegas Ditches Grass as Drought Worsens 11. Everlasting Marriage is in Fashion

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