Understanding the Left’s Objectives

Understanding the Left’s Objectives
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Frequently seen on balanced news stations are conservatives opining that the Left and Democrats don’t understand that they are introducing policies that will slow down the economy and make life more difficult for most Americans.

It’s not that the Left doesn’t understand; it understands very well. It is the opiners who don’t understand the goal of the Left. The Left’s objective is to destroy the fabric of American society.  The glue that holds us together is trust in family members, friends, colleagues, and religion, which they wish to fail so that we are forced to turn to the government to protect and care for us.

In simple terms, it is the Left’s goal that we are to be guided via government-approved and controlled information and have nowhere to go but to become subservient to Big Government.

To accomplish this, the government and its accomplices, such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, are clamping down on all speech that criticizes the government by claiming that anti-government comments are “misinformation.” Read that as “CENSORED”.

As Benjamin Franklin said many years ago, ”Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government; when this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on its ruins.”

We cannot deny that censorship has had quite a bit of success already. Many families have been torn apart because they can’t discuss differences with civility.

Once we recognize the Left’s objectives, its strange policies make sense.

Opening our southern borders to mostly unskilled illegal immigrants without testing them for the COVID-19 virus, then releasing them to travel throughout the country, perhaps to settle in your community, will likely cause a spike in Americans getting the disease. Further, they will find themselves in the underground economy taking jobs that, otherwise, would be filled by Americans in the lowest quintile, primarily blacks, and Latinos.

The war on fossil fuels is supposed to protect our climate from changing. Several years ago, the mantra was to stop global warming, but it was changed because no scientific agency, whether it be the U.S., foreign, or U.N.-related, supported the idea of earth warming.

The United States produces about 15 percent of the earth’s pollution and that percentage has been going down steadily, whereas China, the largest and increasing polluter, and India and the rest of the world spew out 85 percent. Even if American pollution is reduced to zero, the earth’s pollution would increase. If climate change advocates were sincere, they would put pressure on foreign countries, especially on China, to reduce pollution.

One of the first actions President Biden took was to have the U.S. rejoin the Paris Accord that places immediate demands on the U.S. that will hinder our economic growth and cost thousands of jobs and heartache, while no actions are required by China and India until 2030.

On another subject, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has promised that in the next stimulus bill, the federal minimum wage will be doubled to $15 an hour. She says that that increase will lift 900,000 people out of poverty. The Congressional Budget Office projects 1.4 million people will lose their jobs and tax revenue will fall by $54 billion due to the increase. The minimum wage increase won’t help anyone who doesn’t have a job.

The Left had little to say about the riots, arson, looting, and murder, led by the Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements, that filled many cities last year, and the reduced funding of the police as demanded by those groups that exposed many communities to increased murder, rape, and other crimes.

Yet the Left has had thousands of National Guard troops stationed and steel fences erected around the Capitol building and congressmen to, as they say, protect against U.S. citizens’ disorder, a problem that has yet to materialize.

While President Trump promised “the best is yet to come,” President Biden has stated this will be a “dark summer.” His actions assure that his prediction will certainly come true.

Daniel Uffner

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