U.S. State Department: CCP Officials Spread Disinformation

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U.S. State Department Spokesperson, Morgan Ortagus, expressed during a Bill Hemmer Reports Fox News interview on April 29, that currently no credible scientists, doctors, or investigators have yet entered the Wuhan lab or the seafood market to investigate the origins of the virus. Ortagus called for transparency and openness from the CCP to the international community.

“If they want to be transparent, they can simply start by giving us the correct data, and by opening up the country not just to the United States, but to the world, to credible doctors from around the world.”

Ortagus also reprimanded CCP officials for spreading disinformation.

“We get a lot of disinformation Bill, that you see from Chinese communist party officials.”

During a recent Voice of America interview, Ortagus said that the CCP’s ban on Twitter abridged the Chinese people’s freedom of speech. Zhao Lijian and other CCP officials, meanwhile, use Twitter to spread false information from the regime.

“The disinformation that we were seeing from party (CCP) officials were so egregious, we really felt the need to call it out.”

In an April 30 post on Twitter, Ortagus further emphasized Secretary Pompeo’s warning the previous day to the CCP. Pompeo tweeted that the United States has been seeking information about the origins of COVID-19, and called on the CCP to be transparent and cooperative.