Secretary of Defense? Best Memes of US Soccer Star Tim Howard

After an outstanding 16 save performance, today Americans celebrate by posing the question, "What can't Tim Howard save"?

Though the U.S. National Soccer Team suffered a heartbreaking 2-1 loss to Belgium yesterday, national pride remains on cloud-nine. 

Among the Americans who represented our country, goalkeeper Tim Howard in particular was lauded for an outstanding performance, totaling an incredible 16 saves by the end of the day.

Today Americans celebrate the valiant effort by posing the question, "What can't Tim Howard save"?


If Tim Howard existed 65 million years ago, we would still have dinosaurs today!


If Tim Howard had been at the 2009 VMA Awards, poor innocent Taylor Swift would not have been Kanye'd!


 Even Nemo would have been saved.


Yes, the Titanic too would have been saved by Howard.


Being 35 years old after all, if Howard does decide to hang them up, it looks like he'll have some pretty major job offers awaiting him.


Even better, even better..


This however, is very real. Thanks for defending our country Tim!