U.S. Pro-Abortion Protests; Demonstrations Turn Chaotic in AZ; Arizona Expands School Choice Policy | NTD Daybreak

Evelyn Li

Over the weekend pro-abortion protests across the U.S. In Arizona, demonstrations turned chaotic with protesters vandalizing monuments and trying to kick in glass doors at the State Senate building.

Arizona expands its School choice program to include all students—giving parents more freedom over their children’s education. Find out why it’s being called the ‘Gold Standard’ for School Choice policy.

The G7 Summit began in Europe. Leaders pledged investments to counter China’s Belt and Road initiative and plan to ban Russian gold imports.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Roe v. Wade Protests Across U.S. 2. Protests Turn Violent Outside Arizona State Senate Building 3. Trump-endorsed U.S. Rep. Praises Roe v. Wade Ruling 4. Arizona Sets ‘Gold Standard’ in School Choice Policy 5. G7 Aims at Countering China’s Belt and Road 6. Ban on Russian Gold Imports 7. Russia Defaults on Foreign Debt 8. Police Investigate at Least 22 Deaths in South African Tavern 9. Drugs Set Alight in Burma 10. Indonesian Villager Catches 4.3 Meter Crocodile Using a Rope 11. Pig Races Popular at New Jersey State Fair 12. Firefighters Rescue Puppies Blocked by Giant Tortoise

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