Female TV Meteorologist Asked to Cover Up on Air

Female TV Meteorologist Asked to Cover Up on Air
TV female meteorologist asked to cover up on air

A weather presenter on Los Angeles TV station KTLA was handed a gray cardigan in the middle of her live segment on May 14 because the station was receiving “a lot of emails.”

Meteorologist, Liberté Chan, was very perplexed when the sweater was handed to her live on air by weekend anchor Chris Burrous.

“What’s going on? You want me to put this on? Why? Cause it’s cold?” Chan asked.

A male voice off camera responds by saying, “We’re getting a lot of emails.”

“OK. I look like … a librarian,” she says after putting on the cardigan.

“I was wearing a black, beaded sparkly dress and apparently, the station received a slew of negative emails from viewers saying the dress was inappropriate for air,” Chan wrote on her personal blog, which stirred a lot of controversies on social media.

“Um weren’t you wearing a different dress at 6 am? What prompted the change?” a Twitter user asked.

“The dress keyed out” Chan responded back, meaning it blended with the green screen. 

“You are suppose to be a professional.....dress was inappropriate for the news. Lesson learned!” said one Facebook commentator.

“Where TV station may have a dress code, it was so inappropriate to address issue on live TV - they owe her a huge apology!” said another commentator.

Meanwhile, some were indifferent to Chan’s outfit.

“She looks normal to me,” wrote a Facebook user. 

According to a post on Chan’s personal blog, the black beaded dress was a backup, and she claims she was not ordered by KTLA to put on the cardigan.  

“I was simply playing along with my co-anchor’s joke, and if you’ve ever watched the morning show, you know we poke fun at each other all the time,” Chan wrote.