Trump Team: Americans Owed a Fair Election

NTD Television

Trump campaign communications director said getting a clear election result is not only for the 72 million Americans that voted for President Trump.

He said voters must be able to trust in the process of electing their representatives.  Adding, “They deserve to know that every legal vote is counted, and that every illegal vote is not counted.”

Speaking to reporters during a press call with Trump campaign legal counsel Matt Morgan, he said everyone who voted for Joe Biden deserves the same.

He noted, “that is not just about this election, it’s about every election moving forward.”

He called this the foundation of the Republic, saying without that basis, the United States has lost its way.

He said, “the President owes it to every American to ensure that this process is fair, and that it adheres to the law.”

This, as White House press secretary and campaign adviser Kayleigh McEnany spoke of the president on Fox News.

President Trump has kept a somewhat lower public profile following the election.

McEnany told “Fox & Friends,” that he is letting the litigation “play out” while continuing to work hard for the American people.

She said the United States will hear from President Trump “at the right moment.”