Trump Supporter: ‘We Got to Keep Fighting’

Trump Supporter: ‘We Got to Keep Fighting’
NTD Television

Tennessee Pastor Greg Locke spoke at a Dallas, Texas rally as part of the Stop the Steal movement to encourage people to exercise their first amendment rights.

“As I’m going to tell these folks in the crowd at the moment, if we lose the First Amendment, the rest of them like a domino are gone,” he said on Dec. 19. Such rallies have been ongoing in all 50 states across the nation since the general election, calling for election transparency and supporting President Donald Trump.

“I think for the people, the number one concern is they don’t want to accept the fraudulence of the election,” he said.

Locke thought Trump was doing the right thing.

“I think he’s doing what he should be doing. He’s just holding the line. He’s not gonna give in, not gonna give up. I think he’s still giving us a lot of hope that he’s not going to concede. He has no reason to, you don’t concede when you won,” he said. “And we’re gonna fight to the bitter end. And I’m convinced we have won this thing hands down.”

Because of that, he says he wants regular Americans to not lose hope.

“I want them to realize that we have a president that has given us a voice. He’s given his family, his future, his finances to fight for us, and we can’t roll over on him. We got to keep fighting. So have hope, it’s gonna happen, absolutely,” he said.

With reporting by Jason Perry.