Trump Lawyer Ellis: ‘Protect Free and Fair Elections’

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President Trump’s Lawyer Jenna Ellis says they are continuing forward to protect election integrity. She called on every American to do the same. She says they will continue to contest election results—even after Congress counts and validates the Electoral College vote.

She told Newsmax Wednesday, “We’re gonna fight regardless of what happens come January 6, and I hope that we do rectify the correct results of this election.”

The Electoral College voted on Dec. 14, Democrat Joe Biden received 306 votes to Trump’s 232.
Republican electors in several states cast votes for President Trump to keep the president’s legal options open from now until January. Ellis told The Epoch Times’ show American Thought Leaders, this is the valid process laid out by the Constitution.

“That’s happened before in U.S. history where there have been two slates of delegates, and there’s been controversy over the outcome of a particular state’s election and how they sent their delegates right up until the day where they go to Congress.”

Both chambers of Congress meet on Jan. 6 to count the Electoral College votes.

Ellis says there was a benefit to the election-related Texas lawsuit—despite the Supreme Court refusing to hear the case. She said Pennsylvania lawmakers filed a brief supporting the Texas case, stating the 2020 election had not followed state laws. She says that gives the state the basis “to reclaim their authority to select the slate of delegates,” and there is potential for this to happen in more states than just Pennsylvania.

“I think that once one state actually calls an electoral session and is willing to run that resolution to vote by simple majority and say, ‘We’re not going to allow corrupted, false certifications to prevail in terms of how we select our delegates,’ if one state is willing to do this, I think others will follow,” said Ellis.

She also said that every American has a responsibility to demand a fair election and stand up to corruption.

“It’s incumbent, though, upon every American, regardless of who you voted for, whether or not you like the outcome of this election, to stop any cheating, to stop any lawlessness, to stop anything that runs afoul of the U.S. Constitution, to make sure to protect free and fair elections,” said Ellis.

Ellis says people can contact their elected leaders and put pressure on them to continue the fight. She says their job is to serve the people and people can make that demand of them.

She says there are also recall petitions in four of the contested states that can be used if elected leaders fail to take election integrity seriously.

She says governments require the consent of the people in order to govern them.