Trump: ‘It Will Take a Brave Judge or a Brave Legislature’

Trump: ‘It Will Take a Brave Judge or a Brave Legislature’
President Donald Trump arrives to speak to reporters in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington, on Nov. 24, 2020. (Hannah McKay/Reuters)
Jack Phillips

President Donald Trump said that it will take a “brave” judge or legislature to take action to overturn the results of the election.

“I’m not going to say a date. We have to move very fast,” Trump told Fox Business on Sunday morning in response to a question about what his team is planning to do when key dates such as when the Electoral College meets on Dec. 18, or when the Joint Session of Congress reads the votes on Jan. 6, or Inauguration Day on Jan. 20.

“It will take a brave judge, or a brave legislature ... or a brave justice,” the president said, regarding the dual strategy of his team filing lawsuits to reach the U.S. Supreme Court or lobbying state legislatures to potentially call up their own GOP electors to the Electoral College.

“You need a judge who is willing to hear a case” and “a Supreme Court who is willing to make a really big decision,” Trump added, asserting that a significant amount of fraud took place on Nov. 3 and questioned how it would be possible for Democratic nominee Joe Biden to receive 80 million votes.

It came as his lawyers, Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, suggested over the past several days that they would be pushing GOP-majority legislatures in places like Arizona and Pennsylvania to reclaim power over the electoral process. Last week, several witnesses spoke in front of Republican state senators alleging they saw irregularities and potential fraud.

Poll observers Justin Kweder and Kim Peterson—two witnesses at the Pennsylvania GOP Senate hearing—testified that they couldn’t properly observe anything at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

“The Philadelphia Board of Elections processed hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots with zero civilian oversight or observation,” Kweder said.

The suggestion from Trump’s team appears to be working, as one GOP senator confirmed that the idea to reclaim the electoral process from the governor’s office is gaining traction. A proposal was introduced in the Pennsylvania State Senate on Nov. 28.

Trump’s legal team is slated to hold another witness presentation on Monday in front of the Arizona State Legislature.

”We’re doing both, with equal speed and enthusiasm, and taking advantage of which one gives us the hearing the quickest. And which one will work fastest for us,” said Giuliani to Newsmax about their strategy. ”Because we don’t have a lot of time. We’ve got a lot of evidence; we don’t have a lot of time. And we’re facing a major censorship, so it’s very hard to get this information out to the public.
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