Trump Attorney Jesse Binnall Interview

NTD Television

NTD News anchor Paul Greaney asked Trump attorney Jesse Binnall if he thinks there’s still a path to get a full audit of the voting machines.

Jesse Binnall: “Yeah, I do think there is. I think that it is extremely important that we’re able to get full transparency into the machines. Because right now there’s been this media narrative that just says, oh, the machines are fine. Oh, the machines are secure. But it’s just simply a trust-us narrative.”

Jesse Binnall: “And once we’ve seen what’s happened in Michigan, and now you have, for instance, in Arizona, you have Maricopa County that’s obstructing a subpoena from the legislature to actually audit, have a full audit of these machines, you just have to say, what is what have they got to hide? So there’s a number of legal avenues that are still available in order to really get to the bottom of what’s going on with these voting machines.”

Paul Greaney: “And one of the complaints that you had in Nevada, and I think what a lot of the complaints that the Trump legal team had was that the courts aren’t really looking at the evidence, a lot of the cases have been throwing on technicalities or in standing. In such a big, something so huge and significant, how could this be happening, in your opinion?”

Jesse Binnall: “It’s really, really unfortunate that courts are trying to find ways to dodge the issue. My case in Nevada is an example of that, where we were told: no live witnesses and you’re limited to only 15 depositions. So 130,000 instances of voter fraud, and you can only do it with 15 depositions. But we’re also going to limit your ability to get subpoenas and force people to show up.”

Jesse Binnall: “And over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we were really limited for how we could actually put in our evidence, and so for instance, when we’re able to find evidence of almost 4,000 noncitizens who voted in the election, the court wouldn’t even hear that evidence, the court excluded it completely. And then when it went up to the Supreme Court in Nevada, they gave us two hours to brief our case, to brief all of our issues.”

Jesse Binnall: “8,000 pages of evidence, they gave us two hours to break it. And we still in just over two hours, we put together a 40-page brief that walked them through all the important issues. And they paid so much attention to that 40-page brief and 8,000 pages of documents that they summarily affirmed the case a couple of hours after that. It’s just completely ridiculous that courts are more interested in being a rubber stamp for this media narrative that there was no voter fraud and ignoring the evidence to the contrary, that there was clear voter fraud, that courts have decided to abdicate their role to be neutral arbiters. That’s really sad.”

Paul Greaney: “And is there a particular reason you think that the judges, they are so influenced by the media? Is this the reason why they’re doing it? Or?”

Jesse Binnall: “I don’t know, I don’t know. It’s very disappointing for any lawyer to see when you don’t have courts, giving such an important case, important issues as a presidential election, the attention that it deserves, that it demands, that if you’re gonna live in a democratic republic, and you’re going to have elections where every single eligible voter gets exactly one vote, we need courts to be able to enforce those rules. I don’t know why they’re not doing it right now. But it’s extraordinarily important, going forward, that courts reclaim that role of neutral arbitrators and give good hard looks to hard facts.”

Jesse Binnall: “And I understand that these are hard cases, that judges don’t like being in a situation of having to recognize that the purported results of an election are tainted by fraud. Nobody wants to be in that place. We don’t want to be in that place. But it happened. Bad actors took and are trying to steal this election. So we can’t just put our heads in the sand. We can’t pretend it didn’t happen. It did happen. And now we’ve got to, we have to take a stand to make it very clear that we will not allow a presidential election to be stolen.”