True Blood Season 7: Episode 1 Start Date, Spoilers and Trailer

Zachary Stieber

True Blood Season 7 is set to start on June 22 and some spoilers have been coming out about the upcoming season.

Recently HBO released short descriptions on the first two episodes:

Episode 1 is titled "Jesus Gonna Be Here" and features a band of rogue H-vamps attacking Bon Temps. 

Episode 2 is titled "I Found You," and features Sookie and Jason visiting an abandoned town in search of clues while Pam continues to search for Eric.

HBO also recently released a teaser trailer that shows the people of Bon Temps turning on one another.

It also indicates that "sick vampires" will enter the picture. More religious fanatics and maybe even the U.S. government will get involved as well. 

Photos were also released for the upcoming season.

Eric is noticeably absent, indicating that he doesn't appear in at least the first few episodes. 



Some previous spoilers previewed some deaths and a new villain.

“People are going to be dying,” Ryan Kwanten (Jason) told Access Hollywood.

“Some of your favorites are going to not last the season, unfortunately.”

TVLine got the details on the new villain, who is referred to as “The Figure.”

A casting call described him as “scary, hulking, ugly, mean and crafty… like Leatherface or Jason Voorhees, but this guy talks.” He’s supposed to make his debut in the season premiere. 

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