Watch This Week in Sports: Jeremy Lin Trolls Fans; Team USA Gets Into Fight?

Watch Jeremy Lin troll fans, Demarcus Counsins and Coach K of team USA getting into some close encounters, and a volleyball triple head shot.

This week's sports video of the week has go to be that of Jeremy Lin doing mischief at Madame Tussauds San Francisco. 

Published two days ago, the video has now amassed over 3 million views on YouTube.

Jeremy visited the wax museum On August 14, 2014 as it prepared to unveil its new LA Lakers clad Jeremy Lin wax figure.

While doing so, he decided to have some fun by playing himself off as his supposed wax figure.

As Jeremy sits motionless, watch the reactions of unsuspecting fans when they begin to realize that something isn't quite "right" with this wax figure(And then how they react when they realize they're standing before the real flesh and blood Lin).

Also making an appearance  in the video is Jeremy Lin's mom and uncle. If we want to see how they interact when Jeremy tries to trick his own mother, check out the video as well.


Team USA Shenanigans Versus Lithuania

Despite being the strongest country by a considerable amount, the United States doesn't seem to really follow the World Cup of Basketball(FIBA). In fact, FIFA(World Cup of Football) is probably followed more widely than FIBA in the U.S. 

Even so, USA Basketball has been making headlines throughout the tournament, though most of it has been unrelated to their play.

For instance, yesterday Team USA beat Team Lithuania 96-68 in the FIBA semifinals to advance to the gold medal game, but what went viral was not their play, but rather some close encounters.

First was Demarcus 'Boogie' Cousins, who received a nasty elbow to the face from Jonas Valanciunas during a U.S. free throw attempt. Cousins, who has been praised for his good behavior in this year's World Cup, then retaliated in a violent motion, holding back at the last second what would have been a vicious punch.

The second commotion occurred after the game, seemingly involving Warriors forward Klay Thompson and a crowd of Lithuanian players. We even see a heated Coach K getting into the middle of things.



Volleyball Triple Head Shot

This is a short(30 sec) but fun video, featuring 3 head shots, and subsequently amassing over 700,000 views in two days.

No one seems to know which match this came from. Thankfully, for every sport  no matter how non-mainstream the sport, there exists hardcore fans we can depend on to capture these types of funny things.