The world’s greatest invention ideas or creations

The world’s greatest invention ideas or creations
Technology, Fashion and Toys played an increasingly important part in people's lives in the 70s.
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The world that we live in today predominantly revolves around the use of gadgets or some sort of a new technology. What may have crossed your mind at some point is how all of these great innovations were invented? How did they get here? Who is behind it all? The answer may require doing hours of reading and learning an awful  amount of history. But what all of these tools have in common is that they share a story and have a history.

So what is perhaps the greatest invention or the best inventions ever made? That answer naturally will vary depending on who you ask. An infographic published on Monday offers a comprehensive glimpse into the inventions created and how they evolved over the course of history.

Some people would say the typewriter, the car or the discovery of fire could be considered the greatest discoveries. In a way technology is all connected together, but one has to look at the bigger picture. The visual graphic points out the top three inventions as truly transformative: the World Wide Web, the Printing Press, and the wheel.

So before we go on ranting about the great tech companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter and others the creation of the internet really gave way to many of these companies to exist. Without it the world of course would be a different place.

Connected to this great invention of the web we have the personal computer, the smartphone, the mobile phone and the telephone.

The printing press was another vital invention. Before we arrive at this great event without the existence of language once again the world would be completely different. This was the stepping stone to writing, which then led to books. Afterwards the alphabet follows until finally arriving at the Printing Press, according to the graphic. 

Finally, we have marvel at the wheel. Without this truly and incredible invention transportation would not be possible or as fast as it is today. Before there was the wheel a match had to be discovered and invented. 

Tech gadgets and inventions for 2015

The world we live in at the present time is filled with hundreds if not thousands of gadgets that make our lives extremely easier. They are tools that we use to carry out tasks and to communicate at lightning speeds.

So what were some of the most breathtaking and cutting-edge technology presented this year? At the Consumers Electronics Show (CES) there were plenty of revelations made. A report by highlighted the following:

  • Toyota´s hydrogen-powered concept car
  • The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with AnyPen technology
  • LG Oled TV
  • LG G Flex2 smartphone
  • Asus Zenfone Zoom
  • Google Nest
  • The Martian Notifier line of smart watches

We can come to appreciate the presence of plenty of devices, products and services available out there in the marketplace. But they all share a common theme and that is that they can be traced back in time to some of the previously mentioned inventions.

Now it’s important to remember there are plenty of ideas for inventions that are proposed on a regular basis. With that being said whether you are the verge of coming up with the next best thing you need to protect yourself and your work of art.

So you need to familiarize yourself with the frameworks of copyright, license, patent, etc.  To get started in the right direction InventHelp provides the service of helping inventors patent their invention ideas and submit big ideas to companies.

Before presenting the latest invention get legal advice and conduct plenty of research. Your invention or creation must be protected from intellectual property theft and above all recognize the sole creator to the invention.

Takeaways and conclusions

The evolution has been tremendous and instrumental to the human civilization. It has allowed all of mankind to connect and carry out tasks that perhaps were once considered impossible.

Without the inventions of the web, the wheel and the Printing Press technology-based companies would not be where they are without these historical creations.

We need to remind ourselves that inventions change people´s lives and also save them. So there must be a tendency by those innovators and creators to give back to society since it is a mutually beneficial transaction between all the parties involved. 

Without the tools we use today things would be tedious and extremely long. And without getting the funding or usage by people the creator would not be rewarded for his efforts.

 This visual graphic was the byproduct of charting the top 60 greatest inventions. The survey was conducted by Raconteur from over 400 scientists, tech journalists, academics, authors, and interested readers. 

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