Amazing Aquarium Decorations Leave Viewers Stunned

Epoch Video

The realism of the aquarium decorations is what initially leaves viewers shocked. The Green Machine Acquascaping, an aquarium decorator, beautifully designs, landscapes, and plants shrubbery in a fully functional aquarium on video. Over the course of the time-lapse, watch the large aquarium slowly come to life after starting as nothing more than an empty glass tank.

As the tank is filled with water, fish are slowly added, and they begin to swim about as they make sense of their new environment and home. The use of rocks, greenery, and other decorations throughout the aquarium makes the environment as real and as inviting for the fish as possible. From the outside looking it, it is as though a piece of the ocean or lake floor as been transplanted directly into the aquarium. The realistic appearance is just that strong.

The video leaves viewers at home shocked by the aquarium’s appearance. It puts to shame your average childhood aquarium and directly showcases the work and artistic craft of true aquarium decorators and artists. Watch the short time-lapse today to see this beautiful artistic display and aquarium for yourself in a video that has quickly gone viral.