The Epoch Times Is Not Affiliated With The BL and Dai Ky Nguyen

The Epoch Times Is Not Affiliated With The BL and Dai Ky Nguyen
The Epoch Times

Some media reports have incorrectly suggested that The Epoch Times is affiliated with a website named The BL.

The Epoch Times has no business affiliation with The BL and bears no business or legal responsibility for The BL.

Some media have suggested the two companies are related by using outdated social media profiles of former Epoch Times employees who left our company to work for The BL. These outdated profiles incorrectly show these individuals are Epoch Times employees, while they are in fact now working for The BL. These individuals chose to change jobs; their doing so was not a company action.

The BL is owned by the CEO of Vietnamese (also known as Dai Ky Nguyen).

Vietnamese is also not related to The Epoch Times. The Epoch Times does not oversee its operations or content and has no business relationship with DKN. Any legal or media inquiries should be directed to DKN directly. No one should link DKN with the Epoch Times brand.

DKN was originally part of the network of companies affiliated with The Epoch Times, but The Epoch Times was forced to sever that relationship in October 2018.

However, The Epoch Times wishes to serve Vietnamese readers. It recently launched in California a Vietnamese edition of The Epoch Times named “Epoch Times Tieng Viet.” The online edition is

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