Thanks for Listening and the Quality Reporting

Thanks for Listening and the Quality Reporting
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The Reader's Turn

Dear Epoch Times Editors:

Having compared your journalism with the Washington Post’s, I’ve decided to expire my Post subscription and retain my new subscription with The Epoch Times. One reason is the depth of your reporting on education when those articles appear. Except for the ’side note' encouragement, the next three paragraphs might be worthy of print in “The Readers’ Turn”, if you decide such.


I appreciate The Epoch Times’ education coverage, two examples being the SPARK student organization opposing the institution-level indoctrination government schools mistakenly push as ‘education’, and more recently Catherine Yang’s Jan. 2 article about school choice advocate Virginia Walden Ford, describing the fruits of her labors with the recurring need to care before real education may occur.

I share Ms. Ford’s adversarial experience with indifferent school personnel and civic officials, most of whom the teachers unions back politically. The worst arises from the chronically Marxist-Leninist behavior of local National Education Association (NEA) affiliates that run everything vital in local government schools. For all the reports The Epoch Times does against the Chinese Communist Party, can we please refocus its journalistic aplomb to exposing Marxist teachers union behaviors? If the 2001-2015 Atlanta, GA schools’ cheating scandal indicates anything ( – where administrative racketeering, fraud, grand larceny, sedition, etc. happened to cover up immorality, ignorance and incompetence – such show the evils of communism or secular humanist socialism afoot. Because both those ideologies are atheistic, universities producing misguided teachers fostering the same, Ms. Ford and other taxpaying readers should recall Psalm 14:1 where one reads “The fool says in their heart ’there is no god.‘” Absent knowledge of Ms. Ford’s struggles, why should any parent deliver their children to a school system dominated by fools, fomenting the pervasive Isaiah 3-like culture defining the government schools’ present administrative and instructional follies sold as ’education'?

To all USA taxpayers: How much of your local and state taxes funds failing government schools while lining the NEA’s coffers, only to push more failure as ‘education’? In Maryland, the percentage is 46%-48%, for an education return of less than 40% of high school graduates considered college and career competent by the state’s own metrics (Source: Maryland Kirwan Commission Report – an official, legislatively sanctioned status review of Maryland’s education system). Process government school funding and taxation policy in light of U.S. Constitution Amendment V’s last 12 words: “...nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” Please stop being complacent, do your own investigating, find a mode of influence and get involved. This includes publicly addressing your elected local and state officials to speak against any observed robbery of our taxes to pay for debasing our posterity and nation.


Thanks for listening and the quality reporting.


Mr. Deran E. Maryland

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