Texas Voter Says Level of Fraud Denial Is ‘Almost Comical’

Texas Voter Says Level of Fraud Denial Is ‘Almost Comical’
Sue attended a Stop the Steal rally in Austin, Texas on Nov. 21, 2020. (NTD Television)
NTD Television

AUSTIN—Sue and her husband have been passing out copies of the Constitution at rallies protesting election fraud recently.

“We can’t vote without this,” she said at a Stop the Steal rally in Austin, Texas on Nov. 21, 2020. “We recently just bought another thousand because we ran out.”

“I want everybody to have a copy of the Constitution and read it and value it,” she said.

Sue is glad to see people protesting for their rights at these rallies across the nation. She believes every election has some level of fraud, but the difference is this time it was widespread, blatant, and demands redress.

“It was amazing that there was so much propaganda out instantly that ’there was no fraud,'” she said. “There’s never been an election without fraud! Voting the graveyard is not a new term, they cheated when Jefferson ran.”

“It is almost comical how many lies are being said by the mainline media, just come on,” she said. “To tell me there’s no voter fraud? You must be lying.”

“With the electronic technology we have now, stealing is easier and easier,” she added, saying there should be stricter security with identification.

Sue added that she supports President Donald Trump because she is pro-life, and believes most Americans voted for the president because the push for socialism ultimately will not be successful in America. Many have tried, she said, but it doesn’t work. She often meets people from other countries who have already experienced socialism and communism, and they spread the word, with clarity, of its failures.

“Here last week there were people from South Vietnam,” she said. She met one man who “was a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, he loves America, because Americans freed him.”

“The foreign countries know that communism doesn’t work, it’s like universal healthcare, it doesn’t give you better healthcare, it just degrades healthcare. It may be cheap, but so is a five cent cigar, but I wouldn’t smoke it,” she said.

Sue has done a lot of traveling to neighboring states recently, especially cities that supposedly voted for Joe Biden by wide margins, but she says she sees many Trump signs there, and hardly any signage for Biden.

She also said there was a need to protect the electoral college, because big cities that are out of touch with the majority of the country shouldn’t be running the elections. She'll hear politicians say: Why should the farmers have to work? “Gee, I wonder what she had for breakfast,” she said.

“Keep optimistic, God is in control.”