Texas Governor Adding Truck Checkpoints After Human Smuggling Tragedy; NY Sues ‘Ghost Gun’ Distributers | NTD Daybreak

Evelyn Li

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is pressing President Joe Biden to build back Trump’s border wall. That’s shortly after the human smuggling tragedy this week. He also says more truck checkpoints will be set up on highways.

New York pushes to stop the sale of “ghost guns.” City and state officials sue 10 distributors of untraceable gun components.

NATO leaders meet in the Spanish capital. One of the topics of the summit is addressing China’s growing influence, and impact on NATO allies and partners.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Four Charged in Connection to Texas Human Smuggling Tragedy 2. Texas Governor Adds More Truck Checkpoints 3. New York Targets Ghost Gun Sellers in Lawsuits 4. SCOTUS Expands State Power Over Native American Tribes 5. Justice Breyer to Retire From Scotus Thursday 6. Trump Cleared of Contempt of Court in New York AG Probe 7. R. Kelly Sentenced to 30 Years in Sex Abuse Case 8. Organization Provides Boys With Father Figure 9. Tesla Cuts 200 Jobs, Closes An Office: Report 10. NATO: China is Not Adversary But a Serious Challenge 11. Virgin’s Branson Meets Zelenskyy in Kyiv 12. New Zealand Airline Reveals Bunk Beds for Economy Class 13. Swedish Startup Designed a Battery-Powered ‘Flying’ Ferries’ Boat 14. Goats Munch on Manhattan Riverside Park

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