Texas GOP Chairman: ‘Contact Your Representatives’

Texas GOP Chairman: ‘Contact Your Representatives’
NTD Television

Allen West, Chair of the Republican Party of Texas, said the show of people protesting against election fraud in Texas demonstrated how the unconstitutional elections run in other states had a damaging impact on Texans.

“I think the number one concern for all of these people here is that they have had their votes disenfranchised,” he said a Stop the Steal rally in Dallas, Texas on Dec. 19. It was one of many similar grassroots demonstrations that have been occurring in all 50 states across the nation since the general election.

“You’re looking at legal voters here. And when you think about what happened in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, those unconstitutional, illegal actions that have a damaging effect on these Texas citizens, they’re rising up, they want their voices to be heard, and they want their representatives to take an action.”

West felt that President Donald Trump had done his part, and now elected representatives

“I think right now it is up to the joint session of Congress on January the 6th. And you know, if you hear people saying that this is unprecedented, it’s never been done before to contest the Electoral College, the Democrats did in 2005, just 15 years ago. So short history, I guess, short memory for some of them,” he said.

“Our founding fathers were brilliant, and that they developed a rule of law, a system with so many checks and balances and failsafe measures to make sure that we could do as Franklin said, ‘a Republic, if you can keep it,’” West said.

“I think the most important thing is to contact your representatives, your members of Congress, your members of Senate, and say this is what we want you to do: We want you to be a voice for us. You cannot sit here and tell us that nothing wrong happened on November 3 of 2020. You cannot have courts, you cannot have secretaries of state and governors changing law, the only people that can change law and legislators. So we’re asking you as our legislators, as our elected representatives to stand up for us,” he said.

With reporting by Jason Perry.