Street Performer Has Plenty of Tricks up His Sleeve for Passersby

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No matter what you think of street performers, they’re everywhere in tourist towns, and though some of them have, ahem, questionable talent, some of them are pretty good. The performer in this video is a statue, specifically, one of the army men from Toy Story. This soldier is about to do more than stand there being a plastic toy.

When a passing mom and her son decide to stop to take a picture with the statue, they probably don’t expect him to be so interactive. Not only does he pose for their photos, but he has a few tricks up his sleeve.

As the little boy moves in close, the soldier stands still, but as the mother comes in for the photo he starts to move – complete with robotic noises with each movement. He gestures at the mom and she has no idea what he’s saying. He smacks himself in the forehead and the crowd laughs.

He gently moves the kid into the right spot, and when he doesn’t turn around the soldier turns his head around with a buzz of his mechanical sounds. Then he gestures for the mom to move in close and he poses for their picture. After a few snaps, he starts moving, scratching his helmet and then quickly pulls a toy gun from his holster, points it at the mom, and returns it all before she turns to look at him.

When they’re done he offers the kid candy but takes it away before he can grab it and tells him to walk away. Confused, the kid backs off, but the soldier finally hands him the piece of candy. That’s when mom comes back with some money, but it’s a big note and she wants change. He shrugs a few times, but finally gestures to his pot.

As she reaches in to get some change, he once again whips out the gun, points it at her, and puts it away again. She gets her change and in the name of good spirit, he gestures for her to come back for another photo. He once again has some fun, before finally handing her a piece of candy too.

Watch the video for yourself to see his antics!

Video Credit: storyful