Reposition Our Constitution

Reposition Our Constitution
The signature of George Washington is seen on a letter he wrote regarding the United States' constitution. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)
The Reader's Turn
Years ago while the Republicans slept, the Democrats replanted our Constitution on the “right wing” of political measurements. It was the greatest political move in our nation’s history, for suddenly, the Constitution was an off-center philosophy, while radical, anti-constitutional politics became the middle ground, the mainstream. Our politics have followed that map, and the respect for our Constitution has nosedived.
This incredible change resulted from simply moving the point of reference, the initial point.
To illustrate the power of such a simple move, try it in your accounting. If you moved the decimal point in our dollars and cents according to your desires, you could pay less than you deserve and receive far more than you deserve. Moving the initial point corrupts the entire system. The square deal is mutated into an unfair gain by one party. The system’s discipline has been lost. This is happening now in our politics.
In education, the effect of this repositioning has had a great impact on our nation. Every new student to politics has been taught that our foundation of government is biased, right wing, and intolerant; it has to be changed to conform with the desires of the mainstream center, the land of the intelligent, loving party of the common man. For decades, the students have also been conditioned that the Constitution is a living, breathing document, instead of the disciplined, most successful foundation of government ever written.
Let us get back on track. If the Constitution is the foundation of law, logic suggests that it should be the foundation of all political measurements. Every political act is measured from the Constitution, not a group’s desires, not a foreign court's pressures. So, the constitutionists should refer to themselves as “Centrists,” or “Constitutional Centrists.” Putting the Constitution back in the Center returns it to its proper position and respect.
Because of the unrest and turmoil in politics, the sooner we focus on a constitutional center, the better. All we have to do is claim that our political measurements start from the Constitution, not the Democrat Party, and correct people whenever they use the old system. It would be heartening to hear your editors promote this, and even better if President Trump made it an official policy. Centering the Constitution is a logical start to getting our nation back.
Steven Maikoski California
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