Red Death

Red Death
The Reader's Turn
At 74 I really enjoy watching the “young” folks try to figure out how to live. It’s cool to be an old guy.
Some 60+ years ago I read a very prophetic Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849) tale - “The Masque of The Red Death”. (Tales are fiction, but now I not sure it is fiction.) Poe wrote weird, almost horrific stuff. Well, we’re living in “Poe-land”.
Prince Prospero lived in a small country inundated by a terrible plague - The Red Death. He fled to his castle with 1,000 of his friends. They “locked-down” behind a huge wall and welded the gates shut to keep the Red Death out. He and his cohorts (other government workers?) had plenty to keep them comfortable.
After some months the “protected” prince and his folks behind the wall had a masquerade ball. The ball ended when a “mysterious stranger” arrived: The Red Death, the plague they were fleeing. Prince Prospero was ‘eliminated’ by the Red Death.
Is our current Covid thing the Red Death?
My put:  keep everyone going, forget the unfortunate natural law that people live, and die.  Sound cruel????  Well, life can be at times. Opinion: the lockdowns by California’s Prince Prospero are worse than the plague.
Paul Kartinen
Laguna Hills, CA