Read the Federalist Papers

Read the Federalist Papers
The Reader's Turn

During this pandemic, I decided to read “THE FEDERALIST PAPERS.” This collection of profound thoughts was authored by three of this country’s founding fathers; Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison.

I selected this publication because I have always remembered the words of the British historian, Arnold Toynbee, who claimed that only two percent of the population continue to learn throughout their lives. Long ago, I decided that I would aspire to be a part of that group.

I had never read these papers before.  They probably never made the New York Times bestsellers list, but that is not what motivates me. As a result, here is what I’ve learned.

These papers not only include the A, B, C’s of our Constitution, but they also include the D, E, F’s of it. These papers are a fundamental warning that enabled our founders to create our Constitution based upon historic evidence.

The warning describes the reality of every man’s humanity. It warns of the Devious, Egregious, and Fallible nature of man. The value of this warning, in my opinion, is that our founders were well aware of why and how previous attempts at creating a republic failed.

They labored to incorporate into the Constitution the checks and balances that would challenge and confront the destructive nature of the devious, egregious, and fallible.

We are now watching what happens when civic illiterates destroy our republic.  Many of our elected leaders who pander to these forces, neither enforce our laws nor support those who are charged with enforcing them.

As a result, it has now become unpopular to be proud of our country, or our president, or law enforcement, or our military, or even our faith in God. I intend to remain unpopular.

Bill Shankland