Projection: Trump Victory in North Carolina

NTD Television

A new projection by Decision Desk expects a victory for President Donald Trump in North Carolina. The organization also projects Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) will be re-elected.

Right now Tillis has a little over a 1 percent lead. Democrats still have something to celebrate—Gov. Roy Cooper is looking like he'll stay in office this year. As it now stands he has a strong lead over Republican candidate Dan Forest.

North Carolina officials have said they won’t have final results until later this week. As it now stands there are 6 states that NTD has not yet called because of recounts or legal disputes. Some of these states’ results are within extremely small margins.

Taking a look at three states with the closest margins:

Georgia is in the middle of a recount right now. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has a narrow lead at 49.5 percent with Trump at 49.25 percent.

Arizona has a lawsuit open now, and there’s also a half percent margin between the candidates. Biden leads at 49.47 percent with Trump at 49.02 percent.

Pennsylvania has Biden at 49.76 percent and Trump at 49.09 percent. It’s also another state where the Trump campaign has an open lawsuit.

That means, along with Trump’s newly expected win in North Carolina, if he manages to also win over Georgia’s 16 electoral votes, Arizona’s 11, and Pennsylvania’s 20—that would lead to 276 electoral votes for Trump.

That’s merely a projection based on the way things are looking in each of the uncalled states so far.

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