Pregnant Meteorologist Is Called ‘Disgusting.’ Her Response Is Perfect

Pregnant Meteorologist Is Called ‘Disgusting.’ Her Response Is Perfect
(CBS 3 Philly)
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Katie Fehlinger, a meteorologist at CBS 3 Philly, was working while pregnant for a number of months.

Now 35 weeks pregnant with twin girls, she hasn’t let her impending birth stop her from delivering the weather to her faithful fans.

But some viewers have been expressing negative opinions about Katie’s growing baby bump.

She tried to ignore the hate but told Yahoo that a couple of comments set her off.

“The one that came in about the sausage in casing, that one upset me the most. I didn’t respond, I tried to move on, but it really hurt my feelings,” she said.

“Then I got another one this week, about looking ‘disgusting,’ and a switch flipped for me. I had a moment of clarity—I didn’t get embarrassed or hurt. I got fed up.”

Katie treated the comments as not only a slight against her, but against all mothers. So she took to Facebook to post a picture of herself pregnant and a “message for the haters.” 

(Katie Fehlinger)
(Katie Fehlinger)

“This little manifesto of sorts is dedicated to every mother out there—other pregnant moms-to-be, moms reading this while their toddlers play on the swing set, moms whose kids have long since gone off to college... You are beautiful. Even during the most uncomfortable—and let’s face it, less than glamorous—symptoms of pregnancy, what women go through to bring their precious children into the world is, simply put, AMAZING and you should be lauded,” she said.

“Frankly, I don’t care how ’terrible‘ or ’inappropriate‘ anyone thinks I look. I will gladly gain 50 pounds & suffer sleepless, uncomfortable nights if it means upping my chances to deliver 2 healthy baby girls. Now it’s about more than aesthetics. I want these babies to have the best start possible. And that hopefully means my belly that ’looks like it’s about to explode!' will continue to grow the next few weeks.