Police Give Major Update in Case of Teen Found Dead in Freezer, 911 Calls Released

Police Give Major Update in Case of Teen Found Dead in Freezer, 911 Calls Released
Kenneka Jenkins. (Social Media)
NTD Television

A male and a female used a fraudulent credit card to check into the Rosemont Crowne Plaza Hotel room where Kenneka Jenkins attended a party before being found dead in a walk-in freezer, police said.

In a round of major updates, police also released recordings of 911 calls as well additional hotel surveillance footage, WGNTV reported. That footage is in addition to surveillance clips police released earlier on Friday where Jenkins can be seen tottering through hotel hallways and walking through a kitchen toward the area with the walk-in freezer.

Jenkins's mother can be heard frantically searching for her in one of the 911 calls. In another call, police officers are recorded saying that they had found Jenkins and that she was "frozen solid."

Jenkins, 19, attended a party at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Illinois on Friday, Sept. 8. Her friends called her mother at 4 a.m. on Saturday to say she was missing. The girl's body was found in a freezer on Sunday.

The case of identity theft connected to the use of the fraudulent credit card is ongoing, police said.

There were at least 31 people in the hotel room where the party took place, police said. Investigators interviewed 25 people so far, 16 of whom were at the party in the hotel room between Friday night and Saturday. Police are also working to identify and interview 16 more people.

Jenkins's family released a statement through an attorney on Friday saying, "Serious questions remain" about the circumstances of the girl's death. The lawyer questions why it took 36 hours to find the girl after she was reported missing.

The attorney also questions why none of the videos released early on Friday showed Jenkins walking into a freezer.

The video above is from the hotel kitchen. It is the last time Jenkins is seen alive in the videos available so far.

Police also said that they are reviewing two videos that were posted on social media. One of the videos has become the source of many theories into the events that led up to Jenkins's death. Chief among them is a version of events where Jenkins friends planned something nefarious against her.

Police are treating the case as an "active death" rather than a homicide, saying that there is no reason to believe that foul play was involved.

The medical examiner performed an autopsy, but conclusive results could take weeks to prepare.

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