What Are the Best Pictures and Art For Home Staging?

What Are the Best Pictures and Art For Home Staging?
Cathy Hobbs
 A few pieces of art can go a long way towards making a home more attractive to potential buyers.
A few pieces of art can go a long way towards making a home more attractive to potential buyers.

Choosing art for staging is different from choosing art for your own enjoyment.

When we buy art, it's usually because we like the picture or we find it inspirational. Sometimes it's because it reminds us of a special place. The piece speaks to us, and means something.

When choosing décor for staging though, different rules apply. Choosing artwork for staging involves selecting pieces that help the home to look its best. Art should complement the overall style of the room, tie the décor together, and help the potential buyers to see the home as somewhere they would like to live.

If you're looking to stage your home, here are some tips to help get you started.

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View: Parvez Taj "Moroc Dandy" Wood Art

Choose Artwork That Complements the Home

Look for artwork that complements the overall style of the home. For a modern, urban apartment, minimalist or abstract art works well. For a rustic home, or country setting, landscapes or vintage-style posters and signs may be more at home. Try to look for pieces that reflect the overall feel that you're hoping to convey.

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Choose Complementary Colors

Color matters. Choose artwork in colors that complement the room. If you have more than one piece of artwork in a room, make sure they complement each other nicely and that the colors don't clash against each other.

 View: <a href="http://www.houzz.com/photos/32513229/Carolyn-Kinder-Cotton-Floral-Canvas-Wall-Art-contemporary-wall-sculptures">Carolyn Kinder Cotton Floral Canvas Wall Art</a>
View: Carolyn Kinder Cotton Floral Canvas Wall Art

Choose the Right Size

Look for art that's proportionate to the room. Smaller rooms benefit from smaller pieces that would otherwise be lost in a spacious room, while bigger rooms call for bigger, bolder pieces. Finally, while large walls and blank, open spaces call for art, you'll want to avoid overwhelming a room with too many pieces. 

Leave some open space, and carefully choose pieces that go together –ones that will help the room to look its best.

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