Perspective on US Election

Perspective on US Election
The Reader's Turn

The protracted outcome of the US presidential election is neither surprising nor exceptional.

The outcome of the 2000 presidential election between Bush and Gore was decided more than three weeks after election day. Disputed vote counts in Florida were finalized only after the intervention of the US Supreme Court. It declared Bush the winner in Florida by 537 votes thereby adding Florida’s Electoral College votes to Bush who gained the presidency by one Electoral College vote – 271 to Gore’s 266.

For months President Trump has warned of the potential of electoral fraud as a result of mailed-in voting. But recognizing the art of the steal, Trump’s critics and opponents promoted the system. Ironically, the Democrats, who made unfounded accusations about electoral interference in Trump’s 2016 election, now find themselves being charged with election rigging in several states.

For example, a stack of 400,000 mail-in votes arrived in Nevada days after November 3. Their legitimacy is questioned as to whether they reflect the votes of out- of- state people, dead people or if they are duplicate votes.  Adding to the uncertainty is the fact that vote recounts do not involve a verification process. In Philadelphia, a batch of 23,770 ballots materialized belatedly and suspiciously, every one of them for Biden. In Wisconsin and Michigan, exceptional numbers of voters born a century ago were found in some districts.

In Pennsylvania, Trump was leading Biden by 55% to 45% when suddenly vote counting was ordered to stop.  Subsequently, when new votes were taken into account, Trump’s fortunes were dramatically reversed. In Arizona, the votes of several known Republican districts were omitted until scrutiny by Republicans brought about their inclusion.

The Trump team is absolutely correct in bringing lawsuits to investigate what is blatant vote-rigging and fraud.  Biden would be doing exactly the same if he felt that his presidential bid was being stolen. The clamor for Trump to concede the election is just the latest in the Establishment media’s four-year vendetta against him.

The 2020 US election is a watershed in many ways because Trump has awakened America to its crossroads: Is its Declaration of Independence and Constitution inviolable? Or is American sovereignty to be surrendered to the globalists and cancel-culture to prevail?

The adherents of the New World Order,  Big Tech – Twitter, Facebook, Google -  with their “reset” agenda and the mainstream media resorted to a no-holds-barred campaign to promote their puppet candidate, Joe Biden. Despite the intensity of the campaign against Trump, he amassed 68 million votes – more than Obama got in 2008 – and drew major support from African-Americans, Latinos, and Evangelicals.  Battle lines have been drawn that extend way beyond November 3, 2020.

Dr. Duncan Du Bois Bluff, Durban South Africa