Pennsylvania Voter: ‘Our Country Has Been Bought and Paid For’

Pennsylvania Voter: ‘Our Country Has Been Bought and Paid For’
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Ivan Pear has been joining Stop the Steal protests in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania every week; it’s a two hour trip for him, but he says she would go every day if he could.

“I’m originally from New Hampshire, but I’m a transplant to the great state of Pennsylvania where our great country was born. And I’m very proud to be here. And I feel very disenfranchised because I don’t even know if my vote counted,” he said at a Harrisburg rally on Dec. 19. “And that bothers me greatly to the point where I come here.”

He usually joins on Fridays, when he fasts, and says fasting and prayer has been important thing during this time.

The way the election has shown to be conducted, Pear said, “if they put a Homer Simpson in there [the voting machines], he could have been elected, just the way things are going.”

Pear has been a supporter of President Donald Trump and supports his policies and his fight to expose election fraud.

“President Trump has been a godly president. He’s done everything he’s done so much for every aspect of this country,” he said. “Every different group of people that you can name, he’s helped. He’s done things according to what biblical principles lay out. And I don’t believe that this election was fairly conducted at all.”

He also supports Trump taking direct action as president at this point to root out corruption and expose election fraud, Pear added, because recent events have shown that the Department of Justice, the Supreme Court, and other agencies have not upheld justice.

“It’s obvious that our country has been bought and paid for,” he said. “There’s just too much, there’s too much within the government as it is that’s just corrupt, that it cannot be depended on and he needs to do what he needs to do.”

“Our government is failing. It’s failing us, and we need we need to have not just courts that are very, very swayable,” he said.

“The systems we have in place in this country are failing, they’re corrupt,” he said.

“The biggest thing we can do is pray, and support our president,” he said. Because it’s all in God’s hands. And He’s the Supreme court. And he’s watching all of this.”

Pear believes Trump has done right by God and that God will see that the right outcome occurs.

“I believe that that God is going to honor what he has done and what he needs to do in the next four years,” he said.

“He’s not late. He’s allowing all this to transpire for reasons, and it’s all going to bear its fruit and our country is going to come back to where it’s supposed to be the great experiment, it’s a godly governance, and we’re going to go on to be the light of the world through this,” he said. “But it’s not easy to walk through, it’s not easy to go through this. That’s what we’re walking through right now.”

With reporting by Frank Liang.